Sabtu, 03 Januari 2015


PAPER / Makalah

Phonetic And Phonology
English Education
3rd Semester

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Jumat, 02 Januari 2015


That day is cloudy, when my father and myself had a lunch together. Just in two, we enjoyed the dishes which is prepared by my mum. We ate in our simple TV room in the heart of our home. We saw the news report while we ate.  From the tragic news about the fall of AirAsia which until now the body of the plan haven't been found until the news about bu Risma, the Surabaya recent walikota.

He said to me that bu risma is a clever walikota who has the humanity softskills. What is softskill?

He continued, "Do you know the service of the bank officer? from the securities until the fronliners? They all are so friendly with whomever they meet. They smiled at us then greeted and asked what they can do for us. The atmosphere was so warm, isn't it?". He added "It is just the same with slightly different with the Alfamart/Indomart, the best-known franchise swalayan in Indonesia, whose officers are also greeted us when we come into the shop but actually within heart. If you can feel it, It is not from their deepest heart. Just the obligation that they must automatically say to the customers". "So, the point is, these are the examples of the people who have softskills or not. How to care others, respect one another, and make life simpler and happier. The fact nowadays is people is rarely interact with other on eyes."

Yes, Finally I awared with that lesson. How to respect another. With whomever we meet. As Indonesian who have soooo many different people in it with so varying cultural background, we must learn to have that softskill. It is okay when we are social media users but we must know that other people surrounding us is just human being who are pleased with our smiles and greetings. Don't too much using your mobile phone and let's start to be human that more humanistic. Bye. See you on the next post :)

In this event, I learned many things to be more manusiawi. taken on 23 May 2014